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Hills Geolocates provides world-class, unmatched and industry leading training.

We have developed courses to provide Damage Prevention Technicians (DPTs) thorough and advanced solutions in both normal and abnormal conditions.


This is a culmination of inputs from industry subject matter experts. We have taken time to prepare individuals who are new to subsurface utility mapping and experienced technicians to perform utility locates with highest standards safely by following regulatory requirements and industry best practices. These courses are available currently throughout Canada and United States.


PLEASE BE ADVISED: These courses do not attempt to render engineering or other professional services in any way. In-case you require such services, the assistance of an appropriate professional should be sought.

Subsurface utility locating and mapping training is comprised of three courses:

GeoLocates 100

A theoretical course for anyone new to underground utility locating and mapping. This is In-person, instructor led, hands-on and interactive training..

GeoLocates 200

A practical field training course aimed to develop knowledge and skills gained from GeoLocates 100 focuses on natural gas and hydro or power lines locates.

GeoLocates 300

An advanced locating course which consists of three major components : advanced locating techniques, advanced mapping and integration of GPS data.

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