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Subsurface or buried hydro/electric lines, communication lines (copper, coax and fiber optic), water lines, steel pipes and steel conduits that need to be located.

Hills Geolocates specializes in private utility locating, using state-of-the-art equipment for all pre-excavation and site planning needs. Ontario’s One-Call, only marks public utilities, which are typically before the service meter. Any utility beyond the demarcation point such as Gas/Hydro service meter, Telecom NIDs etc. is usually considered privately owned and not covered under the one call system.

That’s where our work begins: after the demarcation point. Private utilities are owned by government, commercial and residential owners. Here are some examples:

Private Locates.

  • Hydro – Wiring of lights, security cameras, pool  and water well pumps, irrigation.
  • Gas Service – Heating equipment, private direct feed for gas grills.
  • Communication- Telephone lines running to multiple buildings.
  • Water –primary and secondary water service lines, drinking water and irrigation wells.
  • Fiber Optic – private fiber optic networks.

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