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Advanced Locator Course

This specialized training program targets experienced utility locators, supervisors and managers looking to achieve GeoLocates 300 competency. This course will cover strategic planning for utility mapping operations. Participants will acquire the expertise to lead and oversee complex utility mapping projects effectively.

01. Planning & Strategy

Focus on how to oversee and manage complex utility mapping projects effectively.

02. End Goal

Locators will develop advanced skills in mapping project management.

Some Reasons to Work


Certificate of Achievement by Hills GeoLocates plus

(*Upcoming Professional Designation).

Entry Requirements

1. GeoLocates 200

2. 2 years locating experience.

Target Audience

1. Municipalities, Local Government, Commercial Companies

2. Technical crew / Technician / Installer


1. 2 day training program

Here's what the course covers

Training Outline

This course is backed up by practical use of locating equipment, together with the use of drawings, utility records or engineering drawing and maps. Technicians are given ample opportunity to practice using the equipment, and to ask questions, before the assessment.
This assessment focuses on technicians carrying out a locate using equipment provided, and undertaking a practical test.

Utilities Covered:

Assessment Exam:

Practical Test