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GeoLocates 200 aims to deepen your understanding of foundational theory and applying locating techniques in the field. This course takes on a " hands-on" approach, with a focus on advanced mapping techniques, including the integration of multiple data sources, complex utility mapping scenarios, and quality assurance processes.

The training also focuses on enhancing data accuracy, spatial awareness, and the ability to manage mapping projects efficiently.

Gaining certified training in Geolocates 200 provides employers, organizations and potential customers with the evidence and trust that you are qualified with high standards, and that you are committed to safety, quality and improvement, making you stand out from your competition.

01. Planning & Goals

Builds upon GeoLocates 100 training, this program is tailored for experienced locators aiming to achieve GeoLocates 300 and a Professional Designation.

02. Employers

Get the trust that you are qualified at a very high standard, and that you are committed to safety, quality and improvement.

Some Reasons to Work


Certificate of Completion by Hills GeoLocates

Entry Requirements

1. GeoLocates 100

2. Locating or mapping experience.

Target Audience

1. Municipalities, Construction or Commercial Companies

2. Technical crew / Technician / Excavator


2 day training program

Here's what the course covers

Training Outline

This course is backed up by practical use of locating equipment, together with the use of drawings, utility records or engineering drawing and maps. Technicians are given ample opportunity to practice using the equipment, and to ask questions, before the assessment.
This assessment focuses on technicians carrying out a locate using equipment provided, and undertaking a practical test.

Utilities Covered:

Assessment Exam:

Practical Test