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What Are GeoLocates?

GeoLocates is short for Geo-referenced Locates. It is a process of geospatially referencing locates data.  GeoLocates is an emerging field of the future that collects subsurface utility geospatial data and uses tools like GPS mapping, remote sensing, GIS systems and Geography.


GeoLocates is a term first coined by the founder of Hills GeoLocates Inc. based in Ontario, Canada. Here’s a little trivia, what does, Geographical Information Systems (GIS), Geomatics and GeoLocates have in common besides the prefix Geo? They all originate from Canada, eh!

Where do you operate?

We are based in Ontario, Canada. We operate primarily in Canada but also offer our services world-wide.

What are Public Locates?

Public utilities are mass distribution network of services such as sanitation, water, gas, electricity, telecommunication and TV. A public locate will identify this underground infrastructure up to the demarcation point (a service meter).

What is a Private Locate?

Private utilities are underground utilities which extend beyond the demarcation point (a service meter) or public utilities to privately owned property. This infrastructure is owned by the property owner – examples are gas lines to the bbq, lighting, security and electric lines, fiber optic lines etc.
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